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Party in Guangzhou

Party in Guangzhou

Hi Guys, I’m Yanie, I’m Indonesian who oftenly stay in China as Private tour guide for Indonesia people who needs go to Guangzhou Wholesale Market, Yiwu Market, Shenzhen Market, Canton fair, and sometimes we can go traveling together to Hongkong and Macao 😀

My blog is my travel notes in my life, my pleasure to sharing about my experience, knowledge, food and sometimes feeling in my life journey.

I’m blogging in 3 language: Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, and English. Depend on the content and update my post almost everyday, sometimes I’m not post something when I really busy, and promise will comeback ASAP.

I open my tour periodly and the date always be update on my blog and Instargram, so stay tune and don’t miss it.

Please give me comments for develop my self and my blog.. I really appreciate it!

Please subcribe for get the update of my post 😀

Good Luck!~~

Contact Me:
Email : yaniethiorisa@gmail.com
Instagram: ChinaShoppingGuide
Line@ : AHG0136E
Facebook Page: China Shopping Guide







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