I’ve posted about Sport Shoes Wholesale Market before, today I will share about Sport Cloth Wholesale Market in China. Near Sport Shoes Wholesale Market you can find Sport Cloth but not as much as this place.

Sport Cloth Wholesale Market

Sport Cloth Wholesale Market

Its open from 10.00-17.00.

They have two kind of quality, the expensive one is around 23-28 just for the cloth, without the sport shorts. The cheap one is around 10-24/set (cloth & Shorts). The price sometimes can change depend on your order quantity.

Almost all of store in here are sell football cloth. Bike Cloth, badminton, etc not as much as football cloths. They don’t have sport shoes in here, so for hunting Sport fashion, you must go to 2 different places. Its okay! Just let me be your tour guide! 😀

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