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Guangzhou Metro Rapid Station

Guangzhou Metro Rapid Station

Today I will share about the best transportation for backpacker or who want shopping in wholesale market, this is also a tips if one day you get lost in Guangzhou. I will share to you how to ask the chinese people, etc.

MRT (Metro Rapid Station).
MRT is a train underground in Guangzhou which really fast and easy to find. When you come to China, always ask your Hotel Receiptionist, where is the nearest MRT station in your hotel! Its really important!!! Because when you get lost or separated from your tourguide, you just find the nearest MRT Station around you, and go to the nearest MRT Station in your hotel. At least when you get lost, you know how to back to your hotel. Or find the nearest MRT Station around you and called your tourguide to meet in there!

Guangzhou Transportation Card

Guangzhou Transportation Card

First time you come to Guanghou you must buy the transportation card in MRT Station. The card price is 70RMB, 20RMB for the card, and have money inside 50RMB. If you want to add the money, you can add in 7eleven.

How to ask the Chinese people about where is the nearest MRT station?

  1. Greetings
    Always said Ni Hao for greeting the Chinese people.
  2. Please
    Qing Wen. Said Qing Wen is for opening the question do you want to ask!
  3. Question
    Zui jin De Di Tie Zhan Zai Na Er? Where is the nearest MRT Station around here?
    See how their hand lead you.
  4. Thank you
    Don‘t forget to said thank you after they give you answer. Said XieXie!

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