China Wholesale Market Tourguide

China Wholesale Market Tourguide

Dear friends who want to come to china for shopping in wholesale market. Today I will share about simple habit you must know when you travel to china.

1 .Ni Hao
said “Ni Hao” when the first time you meet chinese people, it means greetings halo in china. So always said Ni Hao to chinese people. 😀

2. Emgoi~
Emkoi is canton language :D. It have some means likes thank you, excuse me, or sometimes if you want to call the waitrees. You can use this word too!

3. Bu Hao Yi Si/ Dui Bu Qi
3 Magic Word in the world is Sorry, Thank you and Please. So said Bu Hao Yi Si or Dui Bu Qi for said Sorry to Chinese people. 😀

4. Mei Nü & Shuai ge
In china, every place has their own culture to called a woman or man you didn’t know their name. In Guangzhou must called “Mei Nü” for a woman and “Shuai Ge” for a man. Mei Nü means preety woman, Shuai Ge means handsome boy.

Let me be your tour guide!

Good Luck!!!